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​ロイ タロー



Born in 1994

From Tokyo, Japan


He paints the Jade Sun world to express the inner myth. He graduated from Waseda University in Japan in 2016 with a major in law.When he was a senior, he visited Yap island in Micronesia. He lived as the local, saw the tropical wood where crabs walking on and fathom of the blue ocean, the silver nights of the stars and the moon. Then, he realized that there is something like a valley between where he is and the world having the life breathing. He had felt being away from art. After graduation,he realized his path was art, started photography and writing in 2017, painting in 2018.





*3331 ART FAIR, Tokyo

​* I exhibited from CREATIVE SPACE HAYASHI

Group Show “50+α” Gallery TK2, Tokyo

​Group Show with Eri Kiwa, meow

 “Salvation Room” Cadoromo Space, Tokyo


​Solo "The Sea Of Rage" CREATIVE SPACE HAYASHI, Tokyo

Solo "A Bird Flying To The Sea" Kyoto Atelier, Tokyo

Solo “Jade Sun” Gallery TK2, Tokyo



Solo 'Jade Sun, and it comes' in Kyoto Atelier, Tokyo

Exhibition with Chin Ryo 'LIFE POESY' in Chin Gallery, Tokyo



*Ré-enchantement, France

(*Project to reach art to medical scenes against COVID )

Participated in Luxembourg Art Prize 



Live painting performance “Reunion” in *Beyond The Invisible Border

(*The art project based in Tokyo, Sponsorship by Tokyo)

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