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Roy Taro SOLO EXHIBITION “Jade Room Represents”

ーthe open studio for making Jade Room


2023.6.22 Thu. - 7.21 Fri.


*Open: 12:00 - 18:00

Closed: Wednesdays

    7/8 Sat. 7/9 Sun.


||VENUE: Kyodo Atelier


1F, 4-31-8 Kyodo, Setagaya, Tokyo

What is a box?


We rarely think about boxes in our daily lives.


For artists, creating is thinking. By creating works around boxes, I would like to think about what a box really is.


A box is a space with openings. Without space, it's not a box, and without openings (windows), it's not a box.


Opening seems to have significant meaning of a box. When you open a box, what might be inside?


When I create a "box" within the city of Kyodo. What people can see there?




 Roy Taro

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