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The Sea Of Rage



​Chigasaki, Kanagawa, JAPAN

“The Sea Of Rage”



The sea

You are the rage


The purple waves are rumbling by


Jade Sun is radiant in the yellow sky


The wind comes


The sea is crushed into the sky


Every stream in lands

is running toward the furious sea 





In the shore 


We gaze to the sea 


In the radiant water


Gods dance

When all we are dying in still



—then, a burning ray straights through the cloud



Spirits are singing

With their eyes to the life



The sea 

You are the rage


The great water 

is burning in still

(that every life coming from)






—A harbor


We are getting on boards 

To go beyond the sea of rage


Days are stilling

The crystal nights are our domes

When the blue lightenings run in the sky


We go beyond 

To the faraway land


In the end

The sea meets the land

To be landed by our feet


When the thousands rays fall like chains


We go beyond

The sea of rage

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