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The wind appears like a cry 

from the far away desert.


The desert is a voice arriving 

to the coast city.


The radiant sun is the glow 

above a sand hill.


Jade Sun

the rays of poetic realms of dreams.


The wind has the sand from the desert, 

The memory of the sun of jade.


A man is looking up to the sky

on the sand hill.


It blowing to the spots 

here and around in the city,

coming from the far away desert.

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“Where here is? The moon is bright like hell.” Atro said, narrowed his eyes.

“That is the Sun. The moon light is the slight reflect ray of it.” The man said.

”The Sun?”

”The brightest star in the heaven.”

“I’ve never seen that one.” Atro said like whispering.

“The thing between you and me, is the very tiny thickness as not the wall.”

The man said.

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