Jade Sun

is radiant 

​in the farest


My theme is “Appearing myth in our lives”. I paint the motif of the world of Jade Sun. Jade Sun is radiant in the yellow sky and the sea is burning like rage. Jade Sun is mythical being. The myth is still living in the current as in the old time. However we don’t think of such things hidden in daily scenes. If we realized the moment, our days would be renewed. When we see artworks with renewed eyes, we are able to have new stories. It makes us freed like birds.

The myth could give the power to the world. I would like to express the new stories.

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“Where here is? The moon is bright like hell.” Atro said, narrowed his eyes.

“That is the Sun. The moon light is the slight reflect ray of it.” The man said.

”The Sun?”

”The brightest star in the heaven.”

“I’ve never seen that one.” Atro said like whispering.

“The thing between you and me, is the very tiny thickness as not the wall.”

The man said.