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The Vision of Drawing

​Or The Document About Roy's Drawings

Drawing is a record of the acts of our souls that trailed on a white paper.

Roy believes the power in his spirit. It breathes the air of the sun. The air smells sweet as the freedom does, and purely made from particles of the freedom of our souls. Going up through the thick layer of the clouds in the highest sky, we can see the blazing sphere suddenly appearing in the middle of the heaven. The rays of the light are the sounds resound in and burn up every single particle of the air.  It is like the light cocoon scaled with the rays of the light in the moistureless high heaven. The beautiful rays of the sun. It is the vision would have seen with my eyes of the inner part.

He expresses the highest atmosphere with his drawing, it having pure brights with every particle in the air. There is the kingdom in the heaven, having fragrant grass and flowers in the slight opal dim light. 


He says we are meant to be there. He feels the air in the ground is totally gray, because of the appearance of the garden. But our light of the inner sun cannot be dyed with the gray.  People walk on streets among high buildings in cities. It is like that ants go and come in the shadow of the huge temples made of the sand. The air that we wear on in the ground is such the grayish clothes.

Our skins are brightly colored as high as one could have in one’s own, flashing the lights of inside of souls.  Even the best beautiful of the gray in the ground cannot veil the light with its curtain. We have empty holes in our inner parts. It is dark and dull in our lives. They are just illusions of the grayish clothes. A life with the true bright of freedom, it burns the veils and dirtinesses with its noble heat, leads us onto the kingdom in the high.



We have the atmosphere of the sun in our souls. The moon light is also from the sun. We have the day and the night, both of them came from the sun.



We are meant to be the power. The time of the light-bright will come. In the time, the inner flame burns brightly like the sun blazes.


He feels such the world as the melody.

And he draws it out with simple lines and blanks.

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